Monday, November 2, 2009

A Great Team Day!

Hey Davis Race Team members... This last Sunday an impromptu group got together for a great ride out, and around Davis.  We met at the StarBucks by Sutter Davis Hosp. We started out with a nice pace out to Winters. We were basically riding the Tues/Thurs night ride to Winters. Once in Winters we stopped to re-group, and at that point we broke up, and started out to do the Cantelow Loop.  A small group of us then rode at a fairly brisk pace, and adding the Gibson/Steiger loop to our ride. We tagged up with the others at the top of Cantelow, had a small rest break, and shortly we were on our way back to Davis.  Great pace line riding under absolutely beautiful Davis skies. It was one of those days that you just wanted to keep riding. It reminded me of a Video that we posted to this Blog a long time ago... Something for the newbies!

Best part of the day?... Of course the Company!

Ciao and Out... Me

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