Friday, October 30, 2009

Foxy's Kitchen Is a Team Sport

Quick shout out to Jason Brasel (Cat 4 Masters & all-around good guy) for picking up chef duties for Foxy's Fall Century this year. He was on top of everything and the food was awesome. Organizing dinner for 1200+ people is no small task & it was hard to tell that this was his first year.

This was the second year that I took care of a good chunk of my volunteer hours in the Foxy's kitchen. Throughout this year, I also stuffed race packets and marshalled a wet and cold street corner in February. Foxy's hardly seems like volunteering in comparison.

Interacting and working together with friends and teammates from 5:30 AM onward always makes DBC seem more like a team and a tight-knit group than just a bunch of racers who wear the same kit. It's great to see familiar faces in the kitchen, within the rider ranks, and others who are volunteering for other race needs. I look forward to seeing you next year! -- JG

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