Monday, November 9, 2009

The Year Finally Ends, and it's a Great One!

Masters... Said loosely! Why you might ask? Well this last weekend we the Davis Bike Race Team (All of us) had a great day! Things started out with an amazing turn out for the Saturday Morning Ride that leaves every Saturday at 8:00am from the Davis WheelWorks. If you are new to our Team, and you have not had the chance to participate in this Davis tradition... Please do so. This Saturday you kinda felt like a rider in a Grand Tour Race in that... It sure seemed like a long way back up to the front!

     Hey Fred... Are you ready to make our move?

Well after one of those days that you really really wanted to keep on riding... As in forever!  But alas as always, all good things had to come to an end.  It then for most of us was a quick run home, and time to get ready for our next activity of the day.... The Race Teams Paaarrrtaayyy! The end of the year get together, to take time to say "Thank You" to all of the Davis Bike Club Race Team members that participated in making 2009 a very very successful year!  Yes... We not only finished #1 in Northern California, as best all round TEAM!  We also managed to clinch 1st places in other various categories.
There were awards for Best... Well lot's of different things. These were awards went to individuals that really worked hard to help the Davis Bike Club have the successful year that they did!

What we all voted on: Most Valuable Race reports- Joaquin Feliciano -Most Valuable Elite- Chris Stastny-Most Valuable Jr- Zack Wick-Most Valuable Woman- tied between Marianne Hernandez and Michele Feikert- Most Valuable 35+- Rod Fernandez- Most Valuable 45+- tied between Mike Pugh and Fred Schnaars- Most Valuable Volunteer- Robin Rolles (was this also tied with LeeMillon)-Most Improved- Darin Salk
(Picture below was the great time we had at Bistro 33 in lovely downtown Davis)

Of all the awards, the one worth mentioning amongst all the good times we were having, was one of our more notable awards. It has been a Davis Bike Club Race Team tradition for years, and is one that is hard to ignore. It is what we call  the (CRASHMEISTER AWARD) it is an award that gets handed down every year to an individual that has shown seemingly their inability to keep their bicycle up-right! So needless to say all potenial candidates would really like to avoid this honor... So without further notice (drum roll), the award this year went to our very own  Douglas R. (you know who you are). Thanks again for being a great sport, and we are very glad that you were not seriously hurt.

(below picture of the CRASHMEISTER AWARD that is handed down year to year)
PS...I don't want it again!

In closing we really had to say "Thank You" to all of you that Raced your hearts out this year... For without you we could not have accomplished what it is that we did!

Sadly as with all Teams we are losing some of our members to other ventures... Sad to see them go, but happy to have had you!

Happily we on the same note are taking on a new group of Racers that we really hope will experience what it is that we have all experienced in the past, and that is we are without question the Best Team that there is in Northern California when it comes to showing that we really work hard to show our support to you, your family and your time on the Davis Bike Club Race Team!

Ciao and Out... Me... and really looking forward to a great 2010

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