Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Teammate on Board

News up-Date... In case you missed the announcement to the Race Team we are pleased to bring to your attention the addition of the Velo Vie Bike Company as a sponsor to the Davis Bike Club and Race Team.
The Velo Vie Management profile statement goes a little like this...
"Velo Vie was created by two passionate cyclists who wanted to enhance the progress of the bicycle industry. They had a vision to create a company that would provide quality, innovative, and customizable products through an easy-to-use website. The creators were a merger of the minds between a long time bicycle expert and a thoroughly experienced veteran in the technology industry. They saw each of their strengths as a way to properly improve not only a product, but an industry that each of them had such a strong affinity for".

We a few weeks ago had the chance to meet with Dan B of Velo Vie, and I would have to say, to the very best of his ability will do whatever it takes to try and keep his customers happy! I know from certain postings on FaceBook that we have Teammates  (MF) that are bouncing off the wall waiting for their Velo Vie bike to show up at the front door. I feel sorry, and am very afraid for the Fed Ex person that brings said bike to one said MF.

Anyway just had to say welcome to Velo Vie to the Davis Bike Club Race Team. We are looking  forward to a long, and friendly relationship.

Ciao and Out...

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Michele Feikert said...

Hey, I'll have you know that the Fed Ex Dude will be getting chocolate chip cookies! I promise not to jump in the truck and pull out the boxes myself. ;P