Monday, December 1, 2008

Hey Masters... What is this rumor I'm hearing of?
Another showdown... Return of the 35+ Cry Babies!
January 11th 2009
35+ Wanta be's against the 45+ Masters!
Seems like a shame to me.
I'll be there to up-hold the Law...


Karl said...

Bring it on CHEATERS!!!! If you have anything to bring.......It was clear last year that "law don't go around here lawdawg" but that won't help you this year.


FWS said...

Karl... In your dreams... The 45+
Masters have just got way to much
experience. We all know that the
35+ guys lack patience, and always
are having to deal with the embarrassment of things like the "Premature Sprint", but don't
worry our ego's are in check!