Friday, November 21, 2008

Old Dudes,

Please circle December 21st on your calendars for the next team training ride.
This will more than likely be our final large group ride for 2008.
The plan is to do the Foxy's ~90 mile loop from Davis to Winters via Putah Creek then over cardiac into Mankas Corner through Wooden Valley and back along Pleasant Valley Rd.

We will depart from the Davis downtown Starbucks at 9:00 sharp. Pace will be moderate with the usual regroups at the top of climbs. We will stop for 10 minutes at Mankas Corner for refueling. Bring plenty of food and cash. Once we get to the Vacaville area on Pleasant Valley Rd we can ramp up the pace and have the two usual sprints heading back.

If rain becomes a factor, we'll make a call before we roll out via email.

(FYI- Fred is finalizing the details for the Second Annual Masters Showdown-More info to follow!)

See ya out there!
DBC Masters 35+ Capt.

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