Monday, December 15, 2008


Hey Davis Bike Club Members...

As we post to the Masters Blog we usually always have something to say about something that... Well we the Masters did. Well last Saturday (12/6) we "ALL" had the chance to attend a Bike Skills Clinic that was being offered by the Davis Bike Club Race Team, and our own Jesse Moore
( The notice had gone out weeks in advance, and it was to be presented as a 101 Basic Skills Clinic, and the 102 Advanced Skills Clinic. The 101 clinic is a Basic Bike Skills clinic that involves a chance to do some of the things that you would want to learn in a controlled environment, and not in the... "I learned it the hard way environment"! As we all rolled up Saturday morning the usual valley fog had set in thick. People were slowly adding clothes as they began to realize that this might be a cold one! Well in true DBC Masters fashion everyone HTFU’d big time. Jesse went through the introductions, and We/I had the chance to hear from the variety of people, from all aspects of cycling in attendance. Once the intro’s were over we started into the core of the 101 clinic. You can see from the pictures all had a good time. Drills involved and started with simple things like like taking off and putting on clothing, tips and techniques for doing this efficiently. Hey! How about riding your bike up and through the middle of a pack (Close Quarters!). Thank goodness for soft and thick grass! Try Sanding Wheels! Picking up water bottles, and the fine art of the Sumo Bike challenge. Not enough... How about how to deal with a Feed Zone, and running over water bottles! How to grab, and present a bottle in a feed zone. For some not as easy as it looks! None the less, Jesse and Tyler D. did a great job, and I think/I know everyone had a great time. Well in short order things were over, and it was time to move on to the 102 clinic. After a fast attempt to grab lunch it was off to our next meeting place. Thanks to Lee M. we had the opportunity to meet in a great location with a nice room. It was hard to go from freezing cold to toasty with fresh brewed coffee! Way Way Nice... As things got under way, the 102 clinic was about... The things that you do you do after you can pick up a water bottle or bump Cody T. off in the Sumo bike drill. The Advanced Clinic was... Tactics and Strategies... How to prepare for a Race... Proper training techniques... Food to Race by... What to do in various Race scenario’s. Lots of good info, and great to have it come from Jesse. He certainly has a lot of Race experience to draw from. None the less it was a busy day. We wrapped things up at 5:00, and we could have kept going. Always a great sign that there were lots of questions to ask... The class, when done, and over... I think had a lot of people walking away having learned something new, and also with some very helpful information to help you improve your Bike handling skills, and Bike Racing knowledge. We the Davis Bike Club want to take the time to say... THANK YOU to Jesse and Tyler... Thank you to all of you that came out on a cold day. Thank you for wanting to better your Bike Handling and Racing skills.
Just Thank you for being a proud DBC member...

Our Coach...

This is way to easy... Our next "Pro"

The class in full attention mode!

Tyler leading the group for some... Getting up close and personal!

Our own Mr. John H. ... I think we have a new Masters in the making!

Oh No! Husband/Wife Sumo! I think Mark is doing the dishes?
Carol yields to no one!

Will and Pat... Gettin Serious!

Shhhhh! Jesse talk'n Racin!

What can you say! He looks way to comfortable at this!
(Nice sandwich Will... Can I have a bite?)

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