Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just a Really Nice Day!

Well as most days go... Today was a great time with the 45+ guys, as we tackled just under 5000ft of climbing in and around the Auburn area. Picked up, and added to the mix was Bruce Hendler (, and Torre Phillips (ex DBC Jr.). Now the nice thing about having Torre there was the fact that I knew he would be able to keep Wink and Coach honest. The riding was "Brisk" but manageable... We made sure that we rode together, but when we hit the climbs... the Gloves came off!

One comment heard was Big asking Steggall where his climbing legs all of a suddenly came from? Steggall's reply was that he had been hitting the overpasses in Davis extra hard on his commute to and from Sac! Big mumbled something and walked away.  : )

By the time we finally rolled onto the last climb, Ridge Road . We were all pretty much ready to call it a day... But even on our last stretch of road, and as we entered into the final miles, it did not bring any peace to the group.  We were still launching attack after attack up and until the final Stop light!

Good stuff... Lots of Fun... Sore legs... Ready, and looking forward to doing more!

Now come's the best part of the day... A nice stop at the Islands Restaurant!

Thank you to Roddy for the hospitality, and the treat! It is always fun to end a great ride and day on such a positive note!

Ok... Enough for now, and the fast up-date

PS... In the picture you can see the "Love" that Steggall and Big are always trying to show each other!

Ciao and Out... FF

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Paul Robins said...

still miss riding with you mofos/bonobos. keep up the good stuff.