Monday, March 5, 2012

         A brief message from the Davis Bike Club Masters RaceTeam

DECEMBER 2012... It's been a fun filled Season so far... Team Rides...Team Races...Team Get Togethers!
We have had more things happen then I have been able to keep up on. Blogs have now become something for that those that have the talent, and the time, and keep them interesting.

For me, having like most fallen "Victim" to the FB thing... Short little shout outs... Great ride with the "Team" today kinda things! I really miss the great things that Blogs can bring. A little more personal, and a little more fun some times, and more fun to read.

None the less I can't promise how much will get posted here in the future, but we will try and keep it alive!

The one thing I would like is for all those that stumble on to this sight, that we the Davis Bike Club Masters Race Team have an awesome group of individuals that really enjoy Riding and Racing their Bikes together.

On this page are all the needed links to inform you as to what we are all about. Please if you are interested in Racing give us a look.

We at this time have Categories with a strong representations in most of the categories that Race in Northern California.

On top of all the Racing we do together... We really really enjoy our time together when we are not Racing, and are just having a good time riding our Bikes!

Please feel free to contact us as needed for more info...

Note: This is a Non-Alcoholic Drink!

                                                                       (But it looks good! )

With that.... Cheers and Ciao and Out... FF

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