Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RaceTeam Night

So last night we had our monthly RaceTeam meeting... I have to say it was really nice to see such a large turn out!  The evening started with intro's, and seeing some of the old faces, but more so getting to meet a lot of our new members.  After a few words from our out going Race Team director (Robin Roles). Thanks Robin for all your hard work, and a great year!

Robin introduced our new RaceTeam Director for 2010 (Jason Eiserich) and our new Asst. (Michele Feikert).  After a few words from both, Michele introduced the owner Ken, of Ken's Bike and Ski  (Sponsor) about our Team night. Sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun.

One thing Ken talked about, and is a focus for Jason and Michele for 2010 is the importance of exposure.
Getting the Davis Bike Club Race Teams name out there. As Jason had pointed out, it is amazing how many local people don't know we excist. Well one thing Ken did point out, that made him very happy was an article, and cover shot that was was published by our very own Woodland Healthcare. Who would that person be you might ask?  Well... Our very own Dr. Steve Nowicki

As Ken stated you can't buy that type of exposure... If you had not seen it, right across Steve shoulders
was one of our sponsors ... Ken's Bike and Ski. It this type of stuff that we love to see. Lets keep it up, and as Jason said... Know what's on your Kit! Know your sponsor's

Up next was Carol Hockridge of One Pilates and Cycling. Carol as always did a great job of talking about the benefits, and the importance of developing your Core, and how it will help in your cycling. They tried to get me to go up and stand on that silly ball... Oh sure nothing like an Old Guy bouncing into the wall. Demo kindly done by Ruth, and Sprinter Man Ethan! All enjoyed what it was Carol had to say.

 Afterwards we broke out,  for those that wanted to, into small breakout groups.  The P1/2 guys, the 35+1/2/3's, the Women's Team, the 4's, and a small group of we the 45+ to talk about our 2010 Race season. We being the large RaceTeam that we are, I certainly think this is a great idea, and helps each group develop as they see fit. It also really helps Jason, because he doesn't have to answer to everyone, just the Captain's of each group. Yep!  We all had are hands out..... Gimme Gimme!  Jason said "NO" senior citizen discounts to the 45+r's...  Not fair is what I say!

That brought an end to the evening... Just wanted to say Thank You to all that came down. Big Team showings always re-enforces what a great Team we are!

Ciao and Out... Me

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