Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009 wrap up

How DBC RT got me through my first race season…

San Bruno Hill Climb- Dawn Spinella and I stuck together and verbally supported each other, climbing through the fog.

Cal Aggie Crit- I had reg’ed for this crit but was still way too chicken to do it, so I watched it from the sidelines. Robin Rolles and Jason Eiserich kept telling me I should be out there (in a kind way)… something about HTFU I think. :P

Cherry Pie Crit- OK, I’ll try this crit thing again. Kevin McSpadden was at the bottom of the “hill” reminding me to shift.

Snelling RR- First overnight road trip with the women. We had 8 women racing at this race! This is when we got to meet Anna Fischer. We all miss Anna!

Berkeley TTT- Ann Kelleher and I were going to tackle the “3 Bears”. We pre-rode the course with Joaquin and Darin. We learned about teamwork and using each other’s strengths at different parts of the course.

Madera Stage Race- Robin Rolles helped me with bike mechanics and Rod Fernandez made sure to wipe the sun block away from my eyes. Thanks guys!

Land Park Crit- Leslie Halkett and I stuck together and finished the race.

Bariani RR- Carolyn and I braved the hail together! Kevin McSpadden threw a towel over me when the race was done because I was shivering so bad.

Wente Vineyard Crit- There was a whole gang of DBC that I could hear cheering from the sidelines… much, much louder than Mom and Dad!

Joeseph Mendez Crit- You guys are AWESOME! Carol Hockridge and I raced with the guys for the first time. Tons of motivation and cheering from Joaquin on the sidelines. I remember him yelling for me to “Get back on!” one time.

Modesto RR- Niki Slaton and I decided to try a RR with the guys. 100F+ degrees… I was dropped after one lap. But I kept riding, and each time a group went by I could hear DBC guys cheering for me to keep going, or hop on the back of the pack. Do you know how motivating it is to hear about 10 “Go Michele!”’s in a row!?

Folsom Bicycle Plus Crit- I did back to back crits. A whole team of DBC (Joaquin, Ann, Monica, Kelly, and I know I’m forgetting more) surrounded me to rip off the outer number, massage, motivate, etc.

Sugar CRM Memorial Day Crit- This was the loneliest race EVER! I was the only DBC women out there and I think the only DBC racer besides Cody Tapley. It really does help to have teammates, both in the race and on the sidelines.

Golden State Crit- OUCH! So many teammates helped me after I was injured in this race- THANK YOU! And I must admit… the hardest thing you all did was made sure I stayed off the bike until healed!

Dunnigan Hills RR- back after 2.5 months of no racing! Joaquin Feliciano was there with his car when I broke a spoke after the finish line and gave me a ride back to the parking lot. Thanks dude, that would have been a long walk in my socks!

Folsom Cyclebration weekend- I had so much fun racing with Leslie Creed and Johanna Trueblood. We were working that weekend for our teammate Leslie Halkett who got 3rd in the Omnium.

Henleyville RR- Last race of the season with Niki Slaton and Leslie Halkett… so much fun. Kevin McSpadden was there with my new favorite post ride drink- some tasty pineapple coconut drink!

Thank you all for a great 2009 and I'm looking forward to 2010!!

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FWS said...

Ok... I'll be the first!
Very Nice Michele. Kinda
fun once you get in the
swing of things. You and
the DBC Ladies had a great
season... Really looking
forward to your Teams 2010!