Friday, February 13, 2009

DBC Race Team Jr's Tour of California

Ok... Enough is enough. This blog sadly has been to quiet over the last couple of weeks.
You'd think with all that has been going on we'd be able to come up with something to chat about! Well on that note what would be better than to wish our DBC Juniors an unbelievable amount of good luck this Sunday. We the DBC Race Team in all Categories have representation of the DBC Best!
I know from the chit chat that has been flying around that this has become an "A" race for all that are Racing. So for the DBC Members that will be out there on Sunday, we will be screaming for you at the top of our lungs!
So to...
Race your hearts out, and remember you are doing the Davis Bike Club proud!
Ciao... Your DBC Masters Race Team

1 comment:

Jason said...

HTFU & AMEN! I'll be out there -- go JUNIORS!!!!!