Thursday, July 10, 2008

A New "Pain Cave" Revealed...

It's been a few months now since the surgery on my clavicle...I've been feeling good, my clavicle doing well (besides that freakin plate o' titanium that is ohh so present ALL the time!), and I was building back my modest base....doing those long rides to see ya'll race, putting in some intervals on other rides to keep myself in check....all is good right...?! :-}

Well, back up 3 weeks or so....the air was freakin smokey...took the week off, save two days...still feeling ok. Then the 4th of July Crit came to a head...week before the event...nada in terms of riding...too much to do...after the 4th my goal was to be on the bike each day, if nothing more than just get out and keep the legs feelin like they knew how to spin a' crank! Didn't happen....hasn't happened...won't happen soon.....Academic/Job pursuits (pressures) have come full circle now, and the NIH is waiting on my grant proposal due next weds....A NEW PAIN CAVE REVEALED...hey, ya...that should be the title of my new grant!....that 'cave' I refer to is actually the 'active site' ('cave') of the enzyme/protein I try to understand, which I believe contributes to heart attacks...and I'm trying to make therapeutics against this lil cave....see below the 'CAVE'! Ok, back to cycling....shite! cycling....Double shite! What to do now?

The Spring Hill Road Race was the venue I had targeted nearly two months ago to make my debut back onto the racing scene! Sunday, 13 July...a perfect day to get back into the fun. I can do that, I thought... two months ago! But, given the past 3 weeks of shite life, my psyche is not in the game, nor is my mojo, so...what to do?!

Well, the voice of reason has finally kicked in....and the verdict is...DUHHHHH....I'm not gonna be grittin my teeth in the Spring Hill RR this time around......I'm not in shape, my mind is too occupied with work, and I would be a danger to myself and others if I were to race....If I'm in a good position with my grant proposal, I'll come over to watch and feed ya'll...but I'll decide that in the wee hours come Sunday morn...So...I've got a spot in the Masters 35+ 4/5 race...if you want it, let me know...

from deep inside the 'Cave'... jas

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Steve said...

Hey Jason,

I lived in a very similar Cave during my graduate training studying the beta-adrenergic receptor. I think that my thesis title was about a 1/2 page long. I am glad that you are done with your grant. Kelly has let me out of the "Carvan and bike bitch for 7 women" cave and has put me in the back to back wind surfing lesson cave! See you back in the valley soon!