Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 4th of July Weekend!

Alright Masters... Time for the recap of what was an awesome weekend for the DBC Masters! Day One was the 4th... "The 4th", the legendary Davis 4th of July crit. Number 32... 32 years of putting on one of the best crits in Northern California. Could you imagine digging up photos from 32 years ago! What a treat that would be. 32 years of Racing the legendary streets of Davis... A Race that would have to be as much of a "Classic" as Nevada City...


We as Masters came as the Team that would be the one to beat. We were on a mission to defend our streets! So with that the alarm for me goes off at 5:00am... What you say! I wasn't even Racing! Yeah, but my Team was! Up first was the Cat 5's... Cat 5's fielded by a group that had something to prove... Fielded by a group that had an "A" racer in the line up. When you put an "A" racer in the group, and the "A" racer wins... What can you say... The "Team" stepped up, and stepped up in a big way. At the line... Justin Hall... He wanted to win, and finishing second if you know Justin, well that's not in his vocabulary. Also if you asked Justin about his win... he would simply say! Hey... It was because of the Team!
Up next 35+ 4's... On the line a power house of DBC Masters... Driven by the likes of Brian, Lee,Steve, Marc, Jason, Nelson, Chris, Karl, and John. We had our hands full because by this time in the season, we have become the Team to watch! DBC Masters had control through out most of the race. On the finishing line... Karl... 3rd! Podium for the DBC Masters again! You can't say enough about the guys in both the 5's field, and the 35+ 4's field... I mean about the guys that didn't podium. If you saw these guys in the closing laps, they were the guys putting it all on the line!
We have to mention that we send our best wishes to Nelson who crashed out in his Race. We wish Nelson a speedy recovery, and we look forward to seeing you back out on the road soon.
Up next... Leesville! What can you say about Leesville... It is what it is... the Road Race from Hell. To all the Masters that lined up to race this Race... Again you HTFU'd big time. Justin again held on for a 6th place finish, Bob B. finishing in the top ten, at 9th. Tom C. also finished an awesome 4th in his group!, and the climbing machine Will, fresh off of an awesome 2nd in the GC at the Elkhorn Classic also finished 4th in his group. DBC Masters pony'd up again. Thank you for showing the DBC colors.
Finally we have Vacaville... Now for those not keeping count, that's 3 days of Racing, and yes we had some guys Racing all 3 days... I'm friggin drooling! If you were to have an HFTU week...
Hey this would be it. Again it was up early, made my coffee, re-adjusted my shoulder sling, looked at my bike as a walked out the door, and off to Vacaville I went. Time to play cheerleader again. Did I say this shoulder thing sucks! I had gotten there with enough time to talk to the guys about what was on hand, and as usally... The plan was lay waste to the competition. Off the line and up the hill up front was Justin, fresh off of the Leesville sufferfest. Next time around Justin was still up front drilling the pack! No rest for the weary today. As the race progressed the front was dominated by the DBC Masters. Leading the group lap after lap, setting a destructive pace was Chris B. (Mr Big). Trading off and then sharing the pounding with none other than Mr. John S. I spent most of the race at the top of the hill, and each time the group came by we seemed to have things in check. With a couple of laps to go I raced down to the start finish line to cheer on the Team, and as the pack rolled by on the bell lap, who was leading the charge! The team of, of course... Chris B and John S. They were just drilling the pack leading our sprinter to the front. As the group came charging out of the last corner my eyes strained to see who was up front, and low and behold it was none other then the Orange and Blue train. Leading the charge was Karl W. being closely followed by our new Team member Brian H. At 100 meters to go I thought to myself that this tandem would be unbeatable. Sprints kinda go that way, sometimes you get'm, sometimes you don't. We held on for 2nd thanks to Karl's lead out for Brian. Nice way to make an entrance onto your new Team! I also have to give a shout out to Darin S. who for him this was his 4th crit, 2 and 3 being done on Friday. Darin held tough to finish 17th in the field, but better than that he finished first of the 5's! Way to go Darin.

None the less, the demonstration of Teamwork this weekend was one that would make anyone that was a DBC member very proud!
So for the DBC Masters 4/5's... How did the weekend pan out... Well, just a few top 10's
Justin H... "1st"
Karl W... 3rd
Karl W... 4th
Justin H... 6th
Bob B.... 9th
Will B... 4th
Brain K... 9th
Tom C... 4th
Brian H... 2nd
Karl W... 6th
Thanks Masters for an awesome weekend. We love all that you do for the Team!


BIG said...

Imagine how we would have done if you hadn't busted up your shoulder! You, JS and me woulda stayed away!

FWS said...

Trust me amigo... I keep thinkin'
what fun we would have had. I'm gettin' better everyday. I'll be back out with the Team ASAP!