Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DBC Goes Big Time!

Hey Masters, and the all DBC members... Quite a compliment from Roman! (See his article below).
Tonight on the Race Ride dealing with a shattered field, because of the winds (go figure). Myself and Chris B. had the chance to ride with a Junior, who at every opportunity would be throwing down at every chance he had. It was fun to see this individual riding with such confidence, and ability. Roman's right... The DBC program, and the the Juniors that they are producing is something that we all can be very proud of... Thanks Steve, and all that help make the Juniors,
and the DBC program what it is!
(From Roman's Blog)
The last couple of weeks have been really positive for me. After spending most of the spring on the road it was nice to get a couple of weeks at home to do some solid training, spend time with friends and do some local races which went really well.In the last two weeks I won two time trials, Dunlap and Sattley. Both were great mostly because I got to catch up with people and race without any stress; although flatting my tubular and having to find then glue a new one 30 minutes before Dunlap was exciting (thank you Bev for lending me a tire). For Sattley I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my friend Joe Fineman who kindly gave me a ride and helped me with a place to stay. (honestly I need a lot of help).
One thing I want to mention after this last week is how impressed I am with the latest crop of riders coming out of DBC, and the clubs success over time. Sean, Paul, Tyler, Jesse and many more have all used DBC to develop and step up to the national scene; this does not even include the "Juniors", that I know will be ripping legs in the pros in 2-3 years. I often talk to people about why among all other clubs out there DBC has been so good for so long. I think it comes down to community, respect, and hard work. There are so many people in the club and the town of Davis that are good role models for young riders who inspire them to by making them part of that community. These people are not pro racers; they are people who love riding, who want to share their wisdom while riding their bikes with new people. I mean, when I was a freshman in college, I was inspired to be the promoter of the Dunlap TT as a member of the club. Furthermore, the members of the club work hard to raise money and not through sponsorships, but by putting on excellent events that brings in cyclist from all over the country. Funding the team in this way makes the funding stream much more consistent from year to year and allows the club to stay focused on developing its own talent. I am very happy to see the virtuous cycle continuing and am proud to have once been a member.

Thanks Roman, we and the Davis Bike Club (DBC) wish you the very best!

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