Monday, May 19, 2008


So it kinda started out with... Why bother! I've certainly
got a lot of better things to do with my time... Right!
Yeah, I like to ride my bike...
Yeah, I like the fact that there is a section of road that I can
actually call my own. Yeah, I pay my taxes... Yeah, I want some respect!
Yeah, I'm not going to do anything about it... Or am I... I voted...
It didn't matter... or did it? We sometimes carry a lot of expectations
about what it is that we want... Right?
We hate cars that think they own the road... We again think it would
be nice if we were thought of...
is a way that we have a chance to tell those who make the calls,
and to hear, and SEE what it is that is important to us... Right!
I just figured that "THEY" knew what it was what I wanted... RIGHT?
In fact I don't bother to vote... BECAUSE? I had a friend that told
me that this... was important to him. I have
seen him out there logging his miles... Suffering you know!
(I can't believe how many extra miles I'm doing!)
Mile after mile... It was something that he felt needed to be done...
Something that he felt that he was willing to give up his month
in May, just to say... Hey "I care about the future". Logging in,
and "JUST PUTTING DOWN YOUR MILES'... Seems like an
easy thing to do... Right? We have about 85 registered
riders that seems to think this is important... 85 ????????
Sitting in front of your computer, and reading your e-mails,
reading this post, tells me that you have time to... Tell the people
you can make a difference, that "YOU" care about our future, and
the sport/recreation that it is that you love.
Please take some time, and log your miles...
It really does count, and when it's done and over, you can
at least say... I did my part! Right?.
Thanks for reading my rant... Ciao
PS... For those of you that are taking the time to put
in your miles... THANKS!


E.O'B. said...

I promise, if I could ride I'd log the miles....

Winnie 高 said...

Good luck