Thursday, March 6, 2008

Update from the Merco RR...

Hey DBC Masters. Well, you’ve all probably heard about it by now…but it is fine time that I spilled the beans, dispelled with any remaining mysteries and updated you on my post-Merco details.

With about 1 K to go in the Masters 35+ 4’s at the Merco RR, Stan L., Steve N. and myself went down…and damn hard! I can’t give details of how exactly this went down, because it happened soooo fast! All I remember is seeing a bike rapidly shoot out in front of me, and then I was down…no time to think at all…I didn’t have time to hit the brakes or take evasive action….actually, I went head on with the bike in front of me, over the bars and hard into the chip-sealed surface landing on my head and shoulder…The next thing I remember (and really the only thing I can recall clearly) is sitting up on the pave and seeing two of my DBC brothers lying next to me…Stan and Steve. “WTF” is all that I could think or say at that moment….and I think Stan and Steve were thinking the same….we immediately exchanged the “are you ok’s”…everybody was more or less in one piece. Shaken up, bruised, road-rash, but still ok.

After dragging my bike off the course, what is the first thing that I did? Well, of course, I pulled out my wee-wee and took a pee!!!! Huh, you ask….well, five minutes into this race I had the strong urge to pee…Was I not thinking clearly? Did I just not care that the follow vehicle and moto ref had stopped and was watching? I had to pee damnit! That is when I knew I had to palpate my right clav…didn’t want to, cause I already knew what I would find…..

Follow vehicle picked up Stan and myself (and what was left of our bikes). Steve N. mounted his Cervelo, we cheered him on (I think), and he valiantly finished the race!…flatting both tires just after the finish…rear tire was trashed and ground down to the threads! A true DBC Masters Bonobo! Also, Robin (who crashed out hard on the first lap) got back on his bike and finished the race with Justin.

When we got to the finish line, I immediately saw the group of DBC guys who had already finished…the first person I made eye contact with was Fred…he looked very concerned (as everybody else did)…you know, that concerned papa kind of look…he came over to me and asked about what had happened…I think he saw it in my eyes…enough said, he knew….he took me into his arms and gave me a very big (yet gentle thankfully!) hug…the role of the ‘silver back Bonobo’ after all!

So, here is the post-race ‘damage assessment’:

My bod:

1. Fracture of right clavicle…DAMN..NOT AGAIN!
2. A couple of fractured ribs…OUCH! That hurts! Funny thing was that this was not picked up by the radiologist…Being the scientist that I am, I checked over the electronic x-rays Nowicki sent me and I identified the fractured ribs…not bad for a ‘chemist’ eh!
3. Abrasions on my right shoulder and right arm…nada.

My bike:

1. Dented and sanded tops of my shift levers…they hit first!
2. Torn up bar tape…
3. Sanded down back of my saddle.
4. Fu-barred rear derailleur.
5. Front and rear Zipp 404 tubular wheels…TOAST…delaminated!
6. Destroyed new Giro Ionos helmet…better the helmet than my head! Giro helmets are FANTASTIC!!! Maybe they will give me a new one for this promotional plug!
7. LOOK 585 frame…not a scratch! One tough motha!

So, that’s the update on me….I’ll let the rest of the guys fill in on their experience…

I met with the orthopedic surgeon today…. looks like I’ll be getting ‘plated’ sometime next week to fix my displaced clavicle fracture. I’ll keep you all posted. But, a HUGE thanks to our teammate Dr. Steve N. for helping me out with doctor appointments and setting me up with the orthopedic surgeon! Thanks Steve! He know’s how much I love to visit the doc!… :-}

Lastly, I want to thank ALL of the TEAM for your kind emails and phone calls! This was really very touching to know that everybody was so concerned. You guys are the BEST! This has got to be the best team in the world!

I’ll sign off with this quote:

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother..." - William Shakespeare


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FWS said...

Hey Jas...
You know that we are all thinking about you. We all feel sorry for
what happened! The Team will move
on, and we will Race for you... But it will not be the same without you. We in our hearts which you the best! Get better soon... We are looking forward to seeing your enthusiasm, and smiling face back out on a ride with us soon.
All the best amigo...