Monday, March 10, 2008

A sad, sad day

I was going to post about the Merco Crit last weekend and the Stanford crit that I raced yesterday, but the news of two cycling fatalities and six moderate to severe injuries in two separate car-bike accidents has gotten me thinking about safety and advocacy.

I spent a few minutes posting my thoughts at the "Norcal Cycling News" and "Remembering Matt Peterson" Blogs.

Please, please, please, let's stay safe this season. Corrine Crawford from UC Berkeley was killed last year, John Peckham from Webcor the year before, and now Roaring Mouse and Third Pillar have each lost riders. Veterans, please ride smart and set a good example. Rookies, savor the sport and enjoy yourselves. But let all of us remember that a crash involving other bikes is nothing compared to the threat posed by a two-ton hunk of iron hurtling at us at 60 miles per hour.

While nothing can completely eliminate the risks posed by cycling on open roads, we can all do a better job of paying attention to cars and other hazards.

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FWS said...

Thanks E.O'B... I was going to post
on that very issue. Riding on your own, or the race rides. Right or wrong you have to yield and respect the Car! I always have said you might win in a court of law over who was right... But that's a senseless argument coming from a wheelchair or a coffin.
It was a sad loss over the weekend. Last year Janes friend and team mate was hit by a drunk
driver. To this day she still fights to recover from her injuries. Please everyone be safe