Sunday, February 24, 2008


I tried to think of all the things that I would like to say about my Race
at the 2008 Snelling Road Race.... But I thought for awhile about what was the most memorable things that would come to mind. For those that were able to hang on and finish in the Top Ten... I think the thanks have been flying all over the place. We the DBC Race Team
appreciate your hard work. But! Lets get down to the Bare Bones of what the DBC Masters Race Team is all about. It's about all of you that didn't make the top ten... It's about those of you that rode your Heart out!... It's about all of you that made sacrifices to do what you could to try and help another TeamMate when they were in trouble... It's about those of you that rode those lonely miles on your own... Wanting to call it quits, but something inside you kept driving you on. Never thinking that quiting was an option. Finishing the Race in whatever place, knowing that your TeamMates were still going to say GOOD JOB! with pats on the back for a job well done. Sitting in the pack, and sprinting for a Top Ten doesn't equal the HTFU that you showed. When I was at the finish line, I kept seeing DBC Masters coming across the line with smiles on their faces... Exhausted... Tried... Beat... Glad it was over... But all with the same question. How'd WE do?
I stood in the park after the Race... Listening to everyone talk enthusiastically about how they Raced... I stood in the Park after the Race watching the High fives fly around everyone excited about how we did as a Team! I stood around at the Park watching everyone sharing stories of their day. I stood around the Park watching the Team share a Bad HotDog. I drove home with a smile on my face. I got home, and watched my email start to load up with stories of excitement coming from guys the didn't finish in the top ten. It really makes you feel good that the reports where all positive both in physical experience, and memories. I loved to read all the Race Reports, and how they talked about how much fun they had, and how they are looking to their next Race with the Team... I read in the Race Reports about all the Thank You's, and the Favors, and Paybacks, owed to fellow Racers. I read about Racers talking about the fact that this was the best race of their life... I read about guys talk about how much they learned, and how much they still have to learn... I read in their Race reports the happiness at the fact they have joined THIS TEAM... I could go on about how much "I LEARNED" about what it's like to Race with such a great group of guys... But I think you've got the picture about how much Robin, Jason, Steve, and myself feel about this Team.
The picture above... Yeah! That's me at the back... Following the best group of guys there is.

Ciao... Your DBC Masters Race Team

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Nelson said...

Great post! One DBC racer I would like to thank and repay some day is the one with Jason and Lee as I was helped back on after getting guttered: The Unknown Racer. If he knows who he is, I'd prefer he not speak up. He symbolizes the team spirit and camaraderie that make this fun and will help make us greater. I hope I can repay him some day.