Monday, February 4, 2008

American Classic Wheels

American Classic hubs and Campy hubs roll better than most of the hubs out there today. (IMO) The AC 420 is a wheelset designed as a multi purpose workhorse to fit the needs of what most riders need : something light enough and aero enough to race on, but durable enough for everyday use. Owning a set of training wheels and race wheels gets a bit costly for most of us....! At 1460 grams per pair, they are lighter than the competition in this genre by 40-50 grams.
If you wish to ride with a Power Tap, the days of having a beautiful front wheel and mismatched rear are over. American Classic will build a pair of any of their beautiful wheels with the great rolling hubs with a Power Tap rear hub in place. Included in the price is the chest strap, head, everything you need to start training with Power. I can't say enough about how important the hub is to overall performance of the bicycle and keeping it moving fast without expending excess energy. Check out this exponential formula to go faster and you know why we all spend too much on bike gear !

At 13 mph / to increase speed 2X :
Rolling resistance increases by 2X.
Wind resistance increases by 4X.
Energy output increases by 8X.

Next time you are going 26mph and hurting you can think of me and smile : - )

This formula is a fact of life and cannot be changed. Light bike, light wheels, good hubs, fast tires, smooth bearings, and good fitness all help !

American Classic is a sponsor of DBC Masters, available at Foy's Bike Shop at 25% off. Foy's Bike Shop 352 W. Main St Woodland CA 530-662-4306

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