Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bike Tip of the Week

How To Set Up A New Bike Chain - video powered by Metacafe

DBC Masters tip of the Week... Keeping your chain in
top shape is of the utmost importance. I will generaly
clean my chain thoroughly at least once or twice a month.
This means removing the chain from the Bike. During the Race
season I will replace my chain at least twice. To clean my
chain I have a small bucket with cleaner, a parts cleaning
brush, and some gloves. At the same time I will pull my
cassette off the wheel, and clean it as well.
Clean parts for carefree Riding and Racing.


Jason Eiserich said...

Hey Captain Fred!

Thanks for the info! I'm cleaning and lubing the drive now. Do you recommend Dura Ace or Ultegra chains for all-around training/racing? Inquiring minds want to know.... ;-}


FWS said...

Hey Jas...

I use Ultegra on the Steely, and
Dura Ace on the Felt. I also use
the Sram power link on both chains.
That makes cleaning, and removal
much easier.