Friday, January 25, 2008

DBC Indoor Training Camp - The J x 3 Approach!

It's raining, it's pouring, Jas has been snoring... does one get over the winter blues and still keep up a reasonable training regimen? How does one get over the monotony (aka 'wearisome uniformity or lack of variety...')
of riding the trainer out in the cold of the garage? How does one do this, still maintain your sanity and remain in touch with your cycling buds and the camaraderie of THE TEAM?

Well...the answer is actually quite call up some of your DBC buddies and hold an indoor training camp! The three J's (Joaquin, Janice & Jason) got together, set up the trainers (rollers for one of the J's!), popped in a DVD, placed the proper nutritional training fluids in the cages, and spun our hearts out! (If you look closely, you will see that Janice was taking full advantage of some new pedal technology that we developed on the spot! ;-} Click on the pic to get the larger version.)

We had a blast spinning, laughing, chatting, and the end of the 'ride', Janice prepared an awesome pizza, and we replaced our burned calories (plus some)!

Happy Winter Riding!


FWS said...

Hey Joaguin... Over here... Look at me! Joaguin... Over here! Come
on over here! Look at the Camera!
What not your wall! Steve says puddy filler is a roller riders
best friend!
I think Pfeiff'r stole that tape
trick from the movie American Flyer. Great times guys...

FWS said...

Breaking Away! Sorry

Janice said...

What else is a girl to do when she leaves her cycling shoes in the desk drawer at work? So all you bonobos know...your first name doesn't have to start with a "J" to ride in my living room. I think we could squeeze six trainers in there....

E.O'B. said...

Shouldn't Jason be posting on the Juniors' Blog? He looks about twelve in this photo.

FWS said...

Hey... What'about me!
When we went to Chipotle after
the Master's ShowDown I got
carded! Give me a Break! :)

Jason Eiserich said...

Hey EO'B! The little orange and blue 'anti-aging pills' i've been developing in my laboratory seem to be finally working! Not only do they slow down the aging process, but they now appear to reverse the aging process as well!....hopefully I won't turn into a fetus....

the glide said...

Jason -

We should all look so young !
Please report to :
1)Course marshall for junior gear rollout.
2)Steve Wick for DBC affiliation change paperwork.

The Glide