Friday, December 14, 2007

Merger confirmed

-DeMasi Group Cycling Team will merge with DBC -

Chad DeMasi, founder of DeMasi Group Cycling Team has announced plans to merge with DBC effective immediately. This brings a strong contingent of Masters 3's over to DBC, and adds to our substantial numbers of 35+ 4/5's.

DeMasi commented that the initial goal of "promoting his real estate business and riding with his buds" was somewhat "derailed by the existence of two teams, forcing riders to choose between DBC and DeMasi. "

Other DeMasi riders could not be reached for comment but it appears that many will come back over to DBC.

I am very happy to see that many of my good friends and training partners will be part of the DBC Masters experience. I look forward to many great races and training rides with our new members, please welcome them ! I think getting the substantial talent pool of cyclists in Davis to stay on one team is beneficial for everyone. Now there are places for us to go, and riders to ride with as we develop as a team and move up in categories.

Anybody know where the T-Mobile guys went ? Maybe they will come over too.....

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Paul Robins said...

look forward to seeing the blue and red with the blue and orange on Sunday...