Saturday, December 15, 2007

Birthday Bonobos

Sudwerks on Thursday was an awesome casual holiday get together and a nice occasion to celebrate the birthday boys -- Kevin, Alan and Steve. Always good to be able to recognize teammates out of their kits, without helmets and sunglasses.

"Negligee!?!? How did you know? Black ? Red? Lace?"

NOPE! Even better -- we already know -- DBC RaceTeam Hats courtesy of Derek Byrne & teammates!

Fred also picked up a nice trophy. Not sure whether to send congratulations or condolences though. How does one earn this trophy anyway :-) ? I thought that the B in DBC stood for Bonobos, but this looks like Borg.

"Resistance is futile."
Cool, where is Seven of Nine)? (Hint: Click on the man).


FWS said...

Way to cool!
Love my new look!

lee said...

Wiki: The Borg have become a symbol in popular culture for any juggernaut against whom "resistance is futile."

Slowly getting my legs back but I'm looking forward to the intra squad throwdown. We got shirts they have skins right?