Friday, February 18, 2011

A Weekend to Remember!

Well here it is... One week later coming into the weekend, and all I can think about is the great time I had at our Bodega Bay Team Camp. You can see from the pictures that the weather was absolutely incredible! For some their fun started on Friday, and for the others we rolled in on Saturday morning. Our first day started with the Kings Ridge, 82 miles of all the great things that can come along with such a great ride. Ups...Downs...Ups, and more Ups!

(That Kings Ridge ain't no thang!)

A real big Thank You to Val for a long day behind the wheel.

Yeah... We can't believe that Steggall didn't get us lost either!

Wink thinking to himself... I hate that Keith... I hate that Keith  : (

Wink still thinking... I hate that Keith... I hate that Keith

Hey Darin... You done cleaning my Bike yet?

After the end of a great day of riding we all gathered for...The ever fun cycling talk...The how much I'm hurting... The "Man" I sucked today!... Oh Yeah, and the Recovery Drinks! Regardless of what is was that we talked about, we can guarantee you that it was a good time by all. You can see the line was forming for some great dinner grub, and more great conversation.

                    (Most of us even stayed up till 10:00!)

After a great nights sleep (Hmmmm). We all met for breakfast... Fueling ourselves up for the Ride of the Day! We had a different groups going out in different directions... One group doing what we call "The Bakery" ride, and the other doing a mix of "This Ride/That Ride", and the rest of us doing Sweetwater.

 Top O Sweet Water, and our lunch break.
(Thank you so much for the SAG support)

                                  Oh Gawd! Why Me? Why Me?... 
                                             Steggall please just go away!

                 The 45+ plus guys showing how to look good!

Anyway it is a quick recap to what was a great Weekend... Both in those of us that came to Bodega, and as we would also find out... A great weekend at the Races! With the DBCRT getting Podiums, and top 5's in a lot of the categories at the Folsom Crit on Saturday.

(I can't believe we are back to this!)

Ciao and Out... FF

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