Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let the New Season Begin...

Here we are and it's January 2011... Blogs are kinda a funny thing now-a-days. Seems as if they have become to much work for some (included). FaceBook and Twitter have stepped in as the new means of... Well, saying your couple of sentences... Hey! I think I forgot to rinse the shampoo out of my hair?  Or, at the coffee shop, and really liking the looks of that maple scone! Things like that. Always simple and to the point. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes stupid. None the less... It's the future (for now) of how we stay in touch with friends we know, and friends we don't... But hey! There our FB/Twitter friends.

Blogging for some reason seems to be more involved? Maybe it's just me. But I can't see posting on your Blog that your at the produce isle, and can't decide between organic or non-organic blueberries?

While your Blogging, you are always spending time wondering what it is that you would like to say that might be of importance, and something that someone might be interested in.

On Team Bike Racing Blogs... The one sure thing is... You want to talk about Bike Racing or Bike
something. You'll find that you are either telling everyone what a great Race/Ride that you, and or you and the Team had. Or you spend time telling everyone why you rode and felt like Crap! 

Maybe your the "Bolder Blogger" type, and you like to slam the others that you Ride and Race with. Those for some reason are always fun to read. They always seem to get the most comments... Like...Well you suck too!  I can't say that you'll get to much of that here, but we on the DBC Masters do have our occasional disagreements. We just had a good one the other day. As you can see all things are fine now, but trust me these two will be at it again sometime soon.

So while I'll be the first to admit that I'm not sure how often I'll get back here. I just had to put this out to those that visit this page, that we will try to add something as to how things are going with the Davis Bike Club Masters RaceTeam in 2011.

If your new to the site... Use the links to find out what else might be going on in Nor-Cal, or
simply to send us an email to let us know that you might be interested in joining the DBCRT.

Ciao and Out!

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Jason Eiserich said...

Great write up FF! Here's to a friggin' awesome 2011 season. But, I gotta ask, who is that smily dude posing in your DBC Masters 'feature' photo at the top of this page??? Looks like he is on vacation or something, and needs to train harder and start racing more... :-)