Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Post Thanksgiving Day Ride with the Team

Hey Davis Bike Club Masters...

We hope all had a Great Thanksgiving!  If you were lucky enough to have the four days off, well we really hope that your time off was well spent. For me so far it has been three days so far on the Bike, and I have to tell you I'm loving every minute of it, and I am looking forward to day four tomorrow. Of the time on the bike so far one of our days was our post Turkey day Ride for the Davis Bike Club Race Team.
After a day of consuming lots of Turkey we had the chance to burn off some of those calories with a post T-Day ride.  Thanks to our own Rod F. for putting this together.  We all met Friday morning at Wheelworks for a 9:00am departure. Now up until the last minute, this get together was up in the air. Rain was in the forecast, and a call to cancel was put out to a couple of us. Well thank goodness for Rod and his HTFU attitude, when he made the call that the Ride was a go...  After all it's only Water!
It turned out to be an awesome day with perfect weather. Good riding with a great pace, and on the climb up Cantelow (via Gibson/Stieger) a quad burning tempo being laid down by Andreas F. and Doug R. (on his new Velo Vie) had all of us that turned left screaming uncle!

The picture below says it all about what we are all about! A great group of individuals that outside of Racing, just enjoy some time together on a great day! Of course followed by a stop at Peet's for a after ride recovery beverage (Did I just say that?)

Ciao and Out... Me

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