Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey DBC Masters...

Well it's has been a year, and it is that time of the year again. Last year Davis along with the help of the Davis Bike Club won the May is Bike Month competition! (On a side note the major portion of miles came from the Race Team!) This is an annual event hosted by Sacramento and the greater Sacramento Region.
Since we are now going to be the home of the US Bicycling Hall of Fame.
It would only be appropriate to again show the Greater Sacramento Area what a great Cycling community we are. So you would say... HEY FRED! How do we do that? WELL... It's simple! You go to this site and register yourself, and then daily, or as you please you simply log your miles.
Register as the Davis Bike Club... We are in the Drop down menu.
So lets let the FUN begin! Thanks to all that are going to support this program and all that it represents for Davis and the Cycling community.
Ciao and Out... Fred and the Davis Bike Club Masters

P.S. During the month of May I will keep the link at the top of this Blog so you can easily link to the May is Bike Month site.

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