Saturday, October 4, 2008

Desert PupFish Gone Wild!

Hey Masters...

Had to throw an up-date on our 508 Team...You might ask what in the heck is the 508 Team.
Well... It would happen to be 4 of our DBC Masters that have decided to HTFU big time. Your mission should you decide to except it would to ride 508 miles in 2 days. What! What! What! Wait a minute I thought our DBC Masters had more sense than that. Well turns out that our own Lorne was able to talk three of our other DBC Masters to take a ride on the dark side. The un-suspecting victims... er I mean willingful riders. Janice the hard women of the group, and our own Joaquin who at the drop of a hat loves to deal out pain to all that will ride with him, and finally Jason, who just falls into the category of just a real nice guy that can't say no. Well... Turns out when they arrived at the start line they had all decided that rather than ride 508 miles in a weekend they would just go out and party. The picture shows that they of course in true DBC Masters fashion where just having way to much fun! We are wishing the Desert Pup Fish????
The very best when they finally decide to quit having fun and ride their bikes.


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