Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Folsom Cyclebration 2008

(Picture from Saturdays Crit)
Brian H. "1ST" ... Justin H. 2nd
Overall... Brian H..... "1ST"
Justin H... 3rd

DBC Masters...
News update!... What can we do after a weekend like Labor Day! We can clean up at the 1st hopefully annual Folsom Cyclebration. Friday started with the Time Trial... Big Chris setting DBC Masters fast time of the day. Followed close by Big Brian. Saturday brings about the Crit, this is the same course used in the Sierra Nevada Crit run in June, just run in reverse... Pretty Cool. Lots of DBC Masters driving the pace... In the end "1St" Big Brian... Second JHall. Sunday
brought the final event the Folsom Circuit Race. Raced on closed roads... Way Cool Course! Again hard Racing by all the DBC Masters... Lots of comments from the pack... Like "Davis off the front again!" In the end we held out for a 6th place finish with the rest falling behind that.
Best of all... In the end we the DBC Masters won the Overall! Putting Big Brian in "1ST", and the ever charging JHall in 3rd. This weekend also brought about some sad notes too. This was the last weekend of Racing for a lot of our DBC Masters. Hard to believe that the Season is coming to a close. Thank you very much for the emails telling the Team and the Davis Bike Club, how much you have enjoyed your time, and your experiences with the DBC Masters. For those of you that ended your racing last week. Thank you for an awesome Season! Enjoy your time off, spend time with the family, have a great rest of the year and we will see you back in 2009.
We also want to say "Thank you" to Rod F. for hosting the post race Team get together at the "Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks" (Way great Food and service!) in our host town of Folsom. It was a get way to end a great weekend.
Ciao for now... Fred and your DBC Masters

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