Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey Eric... One on the Hood... One in the Drops... What'za gonn'a do?

Well Masters... August 11th, and it’s been a while since we have had a post of any interest on the Masters Blog. We again wish Karl and the family the very best with the addition of the new DBC Jr... William... Wait a minute I’m a William... Well he’s gonn’a be fast!
What has happened in the last few weeks... Well, we have been doing Ok! What have we been doing? Well... Let’s start with the Berkeley/Albany Crit in the Masters 35+ 4/5's... Karl W. in 4th, and the ragin Jason S. in 5th... 50 meters and he said he would of had third. Sounds like my excuses in my sprints with our adopted Masters, Cody T... Taps! 10 meters Taps, and I would of had you little punk! Keeps kick’n my a$$. His desire to win is AWESOME! How about our chargin Pfieff, gettin stronger with every Race! 9th in Albany. No hay bails in this one. On to the Masters District Championships... In the Road Races... As usual "Yawn" Mike Pugh 8th in the 40-44... In the 50-54 (Largest field of the day) My field, and me amigo’s John S. field. The ever amazin Roland Freund... Tough, Tough field, and Roland held on for a 4th. Would have had 3rd, but got pimped on the line by the poacher Mark Caldwell. Now the next day brings the Crits. My shoulder said I should sit this one out, but the setting for this one is awesome! How’d we do? In the Masters 45-49, our Carlos C. Held on for what we know is a tough field, for an 11th... Very nice Carlos. Wow you say! Hey Fred, we seem to be doing great! What could be next? How about the Districts! Down at Ft. Ord. How’d we do? Well our very own Brain K. placed 8th in the 4's field. Brian spends a lot of time in these fields, He seems to like the competition that the younger guys seem to be able to produce. Man! I’m getting exhausted with all this Racing. I’m still giddy at what the DBC Masters are able to do. Is there more? MORE! you bet, we still have the Espardo TT, and the Patterson Road Race. In the TT we had the motor Brian H. Pulling off a 9th in the 35+4/5's... In the 5's our very own Joaquin F. lay’n down a bad a$$ 5th.. In the women's 4's Marianne H. also with a awesome 5th! In the brutal 45+ ... The "Terminator" Jeff N. pulling down an 8th!... Wow!...Hey! How about Patterson! This is a brutal one! In the Men's 4's... What can you say! Big Brian K. racing with the kids... 9th! Oh Wow you say! How about Marianne H. in the women's 4's... 2nd! Way to go Marianne! I have to throw this in for our near
Masters!...Mike M. in the men's 4's an awesome 2nd! Mike raced his heart out in this one! So much so, he went to the ER that night! Mike we wish you the best, and I hear your on your way to a great recovery! You earned some major HTFU points on this one!.. Fred didn't you Race this one? Yep! But they only show placings for the top 7... So Hmmm! Oh Yeah! I was 8th... Yeah! That's the ticket! :) ... On to Carrera San Rafael... Mens 4's... On the line Karl W. 3rd... Jason S. 12th. In the brutal Mens 35+ 1/2/3's Stephan J. with a 18th... In the Women's 3/4's our very own HTFU girl... Pheiff... Hay bail... 1... Pheiff...0... So to date what has all this produced... Well as of the latest result we are 2nd in points for the Davis Bike Club... In the Masters 35+ 4/5's we sit in third... Just out of 2nd, but with 3rd and 4th breathing down our backs.... Masters! The season is about over and I feel we can pull ourselves into 2nd... Some hard HTFU racing, and more results like we have had, and things should look pretty good for us.
I know this is a fast overview of what we have done so far. But it is something that all of us can be very proud of! DBC and the DBC Masters on the road to a great season.

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Karl said...

Unfortunately, I do this quite often as I feel more comfy shifting from the hood than from the drops. What race is that photo from?