Monday, April 28, 2008

Kelly McDonald Takes the WIN at La Vuelta de Bisbee!!!

OK...not a DBC Masters Racer, but.....I couldn't resist....When she's not teaching biology, enthusiastically supporting Special Olympians to reach their goals, or just simply spending quality time with our very own love-muffin of a DBC Masters Racer Steve N., Kelly McDonald is pounding the pedals and winning races! The latest being...La Vuelta de Bisbee!!!!

McDonald TAKES THE DAY in the TT and "strips Forsman of jersey" says VeloNews! See article here:

Then, it comes down to the end and VeloNews once again says, "McDonald claims women's crown".... see the story here:

Next up...TOUR of the GILA! 5 days of racing...and Steve is there now supporting Kelly! Our best wishes to Kelly!

Congrats Kelly! Looking for some updates from Steve! What a great hubby...ehhh!

DBC Masters Racing Team


FWS said...

Jas... Great!
I had just gotten off the phone
with Steve telling him he should
give us updates. Great to see
Kelly win! He said he would keep
us updated on Kellys results at
Gila... We wish her the best!

Ps. Love Muffin? Nice touch

the glide said...

Congrats to K-Mac !

We look forward to updates on Gila...

The Glide

ps - no mirror on the TT helmet ?

Steve said...

Hey Alan,

The mirror on Kelly's helmet is only there to see the drool flying out of your mouth when you are doing Steele Canyon!