Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wards Ferry 08

DBC MASTERS... Yesterday during the Wards Ferry
Road Race... Roland F. was Racing in Cat 3 men's
race with his son Andreas. When he was involved in
a crash. Roland was taken to the Hospital, and is at
home recovering.
Let's send Roland our best wishes, and thoughts for a
fast and speedy recovery.
All the Best Roland from your DBC Masters Race Team.


susanne said...

Thank you for the wishes for Roland! Thank you Fred for coming to the hospital with us; it meant a lot to him! And also thank you to all of you who showed support after the crash! After examination of the x-rays the radiologist came to the final conclusion: eight broken ribs, cracked collarbone, cracked scapula, and a collapsed lung. Roland is at home now and still in a lot of pain but hopefully doing soon what he loves most, riding his bike!
The other racer, Jim Morgan from the Webcor team, who crashed with Roland, is in pretty bad shape too. He had a lot of road rash, also in his face, and he will need surgery on his scapula.

Thanks again!

Susanne Freund

Jason Eiserich said...

Hey Roland - I was devastated to hear the news about your crash and resulting injuries. Be well, heal up quickly, and know that the DBC Masters are here for you, Susanne, and your boys always. Just give a shout if you need ANYTHING...that is, except for me filling in on your advanced mathematics teaching duties...I still count with my fingers...lectures would not go over well!

When you get to feeling up to it, perhaps you and I could get on the recumbent trainers at the UCD ARC and get in a good workout together. I'm still nursing my clavicle and broken ribs...but looking for a fellow 'gimp' to train with.

take care, rest up, and let us know how you are doing.

best wishes,


chimchim said...

Hey Roland,

Hope you are feeling better soon! I heard you tried to tell the medics you didn't need to go to the hospital...HTFU a little too much?? You are one tough cookie! Best wishes and fast recovery.