Monday, December 17, 2007

Jan 6th Masters Challenge 35 plus V 45 plus

Somehow our internal smack talkin' has led to a showdown between the 35 plus and 45 plus dudes.

All that remains to be seen is what the course will be, hills or flats ? Who will flex their power, the muscle sprinter dudes or the skinny climber dudes ? Details on the course to follow soon !


FWS said...

Jas... Did you hear Glide
call you a skinny climber
dude! Them's fightin word.
Oh yeah! Fish in a barrel!
Sucks being a fish!
You guys don't stand a chance!

Jason Eiserich said...

yep...I heard...i'm tremblin....just remember, many of us skinny minnie climbrs can also sprint with the best of them...let us also not forget that this is a TEAM event...they who work best together will come out on top. BTW...I like my fish raw...did somebody say SUSHI ;-}

Paul Robins said...

Have you picked a course?

FWS said...

IT'S IN MY MIND...Hmmmmm
It will go by an Elementary School,
with a Play Ground. I, in my mind
think that the 35+'rs will drop
out of their Tricycle Race at that point so they can take turns pushing each other on the swing sets.