Monday, December 24, 2007

DBC Masters Racer Reveals How to HTFU!

Can you identify this DBC Masters Racer showing us how to HTFU in a race this past season?

"This was taken on the nasty corner where South Flynn Rd becomes North Flynn Rd. After a tangle with the barbed wire fence this rider jumped on his bike and took off like nothing had happened. I learned some new 4 letter words there. ;)"

Photo can be found here: courtesy of kh-photos.

Happy Holidays to all!


glide said...

Jas -

Who is the mystery man ?


Jason Eiserich said...

Click on the photo in the blog, and it will open up a larger pic...then it will be pretty clear of the identity of the mystery man! :-}

glide said...

OK, that makes sense now. Fred is probably the only guy we have that could tangle with barbed wire and the barbed wire would get the worst of it.

Jason Eiserich said...

Hey Glide, I definitely agree! Note the speed limit sign....25 mph....yeah, right! Way to go FRED!